Coalville councillor disputes Tory claim over no increase in council tax plans

  Posted: 19.02.21 at 18:57 by By Coalville Nub News

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A dispute has emerged between Coalville councillors after plans were announced earlier today (Friday) not to increase council tax payments for the town's residents.

Earlier, Coalville Nub News ran a story saying that councillors Elliott Allman and Alex Bridgen had proposed the scheme which is set to be approved by North West Leicestershire District Council next week.

Plans for no tax rate increase for Coalville residents set to go ahead

But Lib Dem councillor Michael Wyatt has condemned the two Tory councillors for trying to claim credit that they got the administration to reduce the Coalville special expenses tax rise of 8.74 per cent which was going to be recommended at next week's budget meeting.

Cllr Wyatt said: “It’s pretty sick that these two Tory councillors are misleading members of the public.

"I have emails which clearly state we were negotiating an amendment to have no increase but after messages through the chief executive Cllr Nick Rushton agreed to our call not to increase the precept.

Lib Dem Councillor Michael Wyatt. Photo: Michael Wyatt, Facebook

"It’s sad that these individuals are playing silly and childish politics with people's money when, at this terrible time, people are suffering.

"And I really do feel that these individual Tory councillors should hold their heads in shame.”

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