Plans to fine residents in seven Coalville streets £100 for not taking their bins in are set to get the green light

  Posted: 22.07.21 at 07:33 by Coalville Nub News

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A move to fine some Coalville residents £100 if they do not bring their bins in off the street on time is set to get the go-ahead next week.

North West Leicestershire District Council wants to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order in relation to rubbish bins left out on seven streets in the town.

Next Tuesday's Council Cabinet meeting will be asked to recommend the Order which was first suggested last month.

It is set to come into effect from Tuesday and last for a three year period - and anyone handed a £100 fine who does not pay, could then be prosecuted.

The district council says the move is designed to improved the 'quality of life' in the streets where 460 people would be affected and face fines if they do not move their bins after they have been emptied.

However, the original time limit of 9pm on the day of collection has now been considered too short a period and will be amended.

Berrisford Street residents will be among those affected by the Order. Photo:

There was an unfavourable reaction on social media when the plans were first announced - you can read that article HERE.

The Council gave their reasons in response - you can read that article HERE.

The plans also attracted the attention of the national media

There are seven streets in Coalville that have been targeted as part of the plans. They are:

• Berrisford Street, Coalville
• Margaret Street, Coalville
• Melbourne Street, Coalville
• Bridge Road, Coalville
• Adam Morris Way, Coalville
• William Bees Road, Coalville
• Mantle Lane, Coalville (House numbers 4-30)

Adam Morris Way is on the list of seven addresses.

Councillors will discuss a report prepared by Cllr Andrew Woodman, Portfolio Holder for Community Services.

The report says: "Environmental Protection has received 37 complaints over the last four years in relation to bins being left between collections and have observed themselves bins being left out on a regular basis.

"Environmental Protection is therefore of the view that bins are being left on the highway in the restricted areas, that this is having a detrimental effect on those quality of life of those in the locality (evidenced by the complaints received), that this is persistent and continuing, is unreasonable (as it is not difficult for relevant persons to return the bins – with exception being allowed for those with mobility issues) and the requirement to return them is justified.

"This Order shall come into force on 27/07/2021 and shall have effect for a period of three years thereafter, expiring on 26/07/2024 unless extended by further orders under the Council’s statutory powers.

"Any person failing to comply with this Order will be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine.

Margaret Street is also one of the streets named. Photo:

"No person shall be guilty of an offence under this Order if that person demonstrates that he or she has taken all such steps as were reasonably available to that person to secure compliance, provided that proof of the same lies with that person.

"A constable or a person authorised by the Council may issue a fixed penalty notice up to £100 to anyone he or she has reason to believe has committed an offence in relation to Order.

"Failure to pay a fixed penalty notice may lead to prosecution."

The report addresses the fact that there have been objections to the scheme.

It adds: "The Council has directly consulted (in that letters enclosing a copy of the PSPO were sent directly to residents) with over 460 residents who will be affected by the PSPO - 16 comments were received in total.

North West Leicestershire District Council's Cabinet meets next week to discuss the plans

"All comments received will be provided with an individual response for those that have provided details to respond to.

"The objections received were in relation to the times suggested (6pm the night before and 9pm the day of collection).

"The objections indicated that the time to retrieve their bin was too short. Therefore, to address these objections the time period has been increased and revised times have been proposed which are in the

"Some of the objections mentioned the collections crews not returning the containers neatly, causing obstructions.

"Other objections mentioned the receptacles being inadequate. These comments will be responded to individually and although not specifically relevant to the PSPO have been taken on board and our Waste Services team have been made aware of the comments and will be provided with copies of the responses."

Last month, the Council said this in response to the reaction from people on social media.

Paul Sanders, head of community services at North West Leicestershire District Council, said: “Over the last few years, we’ve received an increase in complaints from residents and have identified a number of problems as a result of people leaving their bins out in certain areas in Coalville.

“These problems are having a negative impact on our resident’s quality of life including having to work around obstructions on pavements and roads, being exposed to vermin and bins being torn open or tipped over leaving these areas looking untidy and unattractive."

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