Coalville's Victoria Bikers Pub is hit with £1,000 fine

  Posted: 17.06.21 at 12:33 by Coalville Nub News

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Coalville's Victoria Bikers Pub has been fined £1,000 for breaching Covid rules.

But owner John Commons says he plans to contest this as he says the amount of people at a recent 'Thursday Bikers Night' was no more than you would expect at a supermarket or car boot sale - and that he stuck to the council guidelines.

John says in a Facebook post that the pub is a 'victim of its own success' but that the numbers attending was 'a little too much for the council'.

A photo posted on the pub's Facebook page last Thursday shows a line of people queuing for the bar rather than having drinks brought to their table.

He posted: "Thank you so much for all your support recently, we really do appreciate it.

"Unfortunately we have fallen victim to our own success, despite following all the guidelines given to us by the council.

"The restriction and all safety measures we put in place apparently wasn't enough, the sheer amount of you brilliant people, that came to support us, was a little too much for the council, and we have been handed a £1,000 fine.

"Of course, we will be contesting this, as we feel our queue for the bar was nothing compared to local supermarkets, clothing stores and car boot sales in the local area.

"So that leaves us with no option but to scale down the numbers as everyone has to be seated now

"So to book your table inside or out please either message our facebook site or call the venue.

"Or you call in to the pub and say hello - not all at once though, ha-ha.

"Please don't just turn up as, once our tables have gone, we will have to turn people away .

"This measure will be in place until Boris give the country the green light to re-open fully."

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