North West Leicestershire law firm Fishers explains how 'Home Staging' could help you sell your house

It can involve various techniques such as redecorating, furniture hiring and arrangement, cleaning, and accessorising

By Graham Hill

14th Aug 2023 | Property News

Photo © Markus Mangold |
Photo © Markus Mangold |

What is Home Staging? North West Leicestershire-based solicitors Fishers takes you through the process.

Residential Home Staging refers to the practice of preparing your home for sale aiming to appeal to potential buyers. It can involve various techniques such as redecorating, furniture hiring and arrangement, cleaning, and accessorising, all with the goal of presenting the property in the most favourable manner. Some homeowners seek professional assistance from an interior designer or a property presentation company.

Effective property presentation offers several benefits and adopting the best approach is crucial. A well-presented space not only attracts buyers right from the start of their online search, but it also allows them to better assess the property's size and proportions. Moreover, property presentation helps distinguish one property from another, particularly during the initial stages of a search. In today's market, high-end buyers are seeking unique features, which is why some clients are moving away from uniform, neutral interior designs.

Presenting a home in an appealing way creates memorable talking points during viewings. In today's high end market there is much to offer, from bars, spas, and pools to cinema rooms, dog showers, and tack rooms. Highlighting the unique aspects of your property is essential to catch the eye and spark interest.


1.            Neutralisation: Property presentation involves removing personal belongings, such as family photos and personalised décor items, to create a more neutral and universally appealing atmosphere.

2.            Organisation: Clearing out excess clutter is essential to make the home appear more spacious and organised. This includes tidying up countertops, removing unnecessary furniture, and organising storage areas.

3.            Furniture arrangement: Property presenters strategically arrange furniture to optimise the flow and functionality of each room. They may add or remove furniture pieces as needed to create a balanced and visually appealing layout.

4.            Interior design enhancements: Presenters may utilise various techniques to enhance the aesthetics of a home. This can include applying fresh coats of paint, updating fixtures, replacing outdated or worn-out items, and incorporating stylish accessories to create a cohesive and modern look.

5.            Lighting and ambiance: Proper lighting plays a significant role in creating an inviting atmosphere. Presenters may adjust lighting fixtures, add lamps, or utilise natural light to highlight key features and establish a warm and welcoming environment.

6.            Exterior appeal: Property presentation is not limited to the interior of the home; it extends to the exterior as well. Enhancing the property's curb appeal involves improving the exterior appearance through landscaping, painting the front door, and ensuring overall cleanliness and attractiveness.

The primary objective of residential home staging is to showcase the home's potential and establish an emotional connection with potential buyers. By presenting the property in its best light, property presentation can attract more buyers, increase the selling price, and reduce the time it takes for a home to sell on the market. Fishers work with property presenters so we can help you achieve the best for your home.

For more information from Fishers on selling your home, click HERE.


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