Coalville woman's design goes viral after putting town on the map

  Posted: 23.04.21 at 17:56 by By Coalville Nub News

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A Coalville woman has used the power of art to make the town’s 'invisible strengths' visible.

Victoria Herriman created the map of Coalville, which went viral on Twitter on Monday.

It has now has been shared across the UK - and has been used in a number of presentations and workshops.

It was created after Irish author Cormac Russell shared a blog post on Twitter inviting people to 'make the invisible resources in our communities visible' by creating their own version of a map originally created years ago that has become a meme for making the invisible strengths of communities visible.

Victoria Herriman, graphic designer and founder of Coalville C.A.N (Communities and Neighbours) posted the map of Coalville on social media on Monday morning in response.

She tweeted: “Making the invisible visible in Coalville. Our Community really is something else, this is only the tip of the iceberg”.

Cormac responded: “Place looks very different through the eyes of the state than how it looks to a group of related people related to each other as neighbours and to their place as neighbourhood/community.

"Places are best defined by the people who live and sleep there - and they are best placed to define its boundaries”.

The map also attracted a number of tweets as a result including: “Communities are not sets of houses. Communities are about people – the individual characters who come together to bring places to life”.

Coalville’s version entitled “We Are Coalville” is a visual representation of how our community looks through the eyes of the people who live, sleep, and work here.

Some of the strengths that were included on the map were: 'I worked down’t pit and I tell amazing stories'; 'I’m a Camerado, I look out for others', and 'I battled with my mental health, I set up a Cooperative'.

Victoria said: “I’m absolutely thrilled that people can see how amazing the people in our community are.

"It's about time. This is a really simple way to showcase the strengths of our community.

"I'm happy so many people have shared it and used it as an example to show what cannot be described in words.

"We are our community! And this is how we look through our own eyes! We are putting Coalville back on the map”.

Victoria attended one of Cormac’s ABCD courses in Croydon, 2019 alongside her colleague and fellow founder of Coalville C.A.N Deana Wildgoose.

ABCD works on the basis that the only people who can build community are the people who live, sleep, and work there.

Nurture development and the model of ABCD encourages different conversations around the strengths of the communities rather than the reliance on traditional services.

To find out more about Coalville C.A.N and their strength-based approach to community building visit Coalville CAN CBS

To view more of Victoria's work visit Victoria Herriman (;@VictoriaHerrim1 on Twitter.

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