Coalville: Whitwick man makes hilarious appeal asking how to dispose of unwanted 'inflatable woman'

  Posted: 28.07.21 at 08:09 by Coalville Nub News

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A Whitwick man who claims to have ordered an inflatable woman on eBay while drunk has asked for advice as to how to get rid of it.

A post on the Spotted Whitwick Facebook page reveals the un-named man's supposed dilemma.

The only clue to his identity is that he lives in Hermitage Road and says he ordered the doll after England's European Championship final defeat to Italy earlier this month.

He admits he cannot take it to Coalville tip or the local post office.

The mystery man has posted photos of the item he claims was delivered to his address, wrapped and unwrapped.

It is unclear whether the post is genuine or not but Spotted Whitwick says it has gained 'a lot of attention'.

The man's post claims to show the doll wrapped up after it was delivered

The hilarious post reads: "I wondered if anyone could help me out.

"I live in a flat along Hermitage Road.

"When the Euros was on I got hammered and 'drunk me' thought it would be an excellent idea to buy a full life size sex doll off eBay after England lost.

"Forgot about it until I got emails saying it had despatched and by that time couldn’t cancel.

"So it arrived in the post earlier than expected today and, needless to say, I am mortified as I was at work so my neighbour, who has just moved in agreed to sign for it when I was out to add to my horror.

"I dread to know what she is thinking. I opened it up and, oh my god it’s hideous.

"I don’t know what to do with it. I’m so embarrassed. What do I do with it?

"I can’t sell on Facebook market place as that would involve getting it out the house, with neighbours seeing.

"Returning it under eBay's return policy would involve going to the post office aka social suicide.

"Going to the tip would be double social suicide not to mention if police pull me over thinking I’m disposing a real body.

"Does anyone know if Coalville tip has much CCTV around?

"Perhaps I could break in at night? Does anyone have any other suggestions or a big enough box to hide this heinous obscenity?"

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